ASPA launches its new initiative ‘Consumer Connect’

ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers Association) has recently introduced a mechanism for addressing consumer complaints. Named as ‘Consumer Connect’, the platform enables the consumer to complain about any duplicate or fake product after which an appropriate and immediate action will be taken. In addition, ASPA is also introducing a ‘Counterfeit News Repository’ through which it will maintain a database of fake product news.

Both the initiatives were introduced at ASPA’s Annual General Meeting in Phuket, Thailand. The meeting marked ASPA’s 20th anniversary. ASPA which was previously known as Hologram Manufacturers Association of India and was the only organisation which represented hologram manufacturers in India. In the year 2014, the association was evolved into ASPA – the world’s first self-regulated organization working towards anti-counterfeiting.

Mr UK Gupta President ASPA said that ASPA’s journey of 20 years marks its commitments and presence for the anti-counterfeiting industry and makes it one of the oldest and leading associations catering to anti-counterfeiting. At a time when the counterfeiting is growing at a fast pace, the members of the association are protecting more than 15,000 brands across the world and are thus playing a decisive role against the crime of 21st-century‘ counterfeiting’. Mr Gupta also said that we have entered in an era of authentication that has lead to revolutionary changes. ASPA is committed to provide new generation anti-counterfeiting technologies to government, industry, brand owners and consumers.

ASPA’s Vice President Arun Agrawal added that Consumer Connect is an extension to the 20th year of ASPA’s establishment. Through the initiative, a consumer can complain about any fake or sub-standard products or goods and an immediate action will be provided for the same.

Source: ASPA