ASPA raises concern over the use of barcode stamps in liquor industry

ASAP ( Authentication Solution Providers’ Association ), the leading body of authentication solutions providers has recently raised concern over the efficiency of plain barcoded stamps on liquor bottles which can be easily copied and can lead to horrendous hooch tragedies.

In a recent move, the body has asked the U.P state government to review the current excise policy and the implement a concrete solution recommended by global anti-counterfeiting industry.

According to Mr U.K. Gupta, the UP-excise department had replaced the highly secure holographic tax stamps with plain bar-coded stamps as per the state’s 2018-19 excise policy to implement track and trace technology. Devoid of any physical feature the barcode are not an effective measure to deter tampering and counterfeiting.

He also said that the state government must review the present excise policy and must recommend a solution that is recommended by experts and bodies of the global anti-counterfeiting industry. The move will help in ensuring consumer safety, convenient authentication, plugging leakages in the supply chain and enhancing the revenue exchequer.

Different international anti-counterfeiting bodies recommend the use of a combination of physical and digital anti-counterfeiting technology to curb the problem of counterfeiting.

It should be noted that the state of U.P was one of the first states to implement holographic tax stamps and now they are being used in most states in India.

Source: Times of India