Authentication Forum 2018 Concludes Paving Way for an Anti-Counterfeiting World

Authentication Forum 2018

The two-day International Leadership Summit on Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection in New Delhi organised by Authentication Solution Providers Association (ASPA) and was inaugurated by Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu concluded recently with high hopes.

Highlighting the main cause for the event, ASPA stated, “The market for fakes are on a consistent ascent in India and has outperformed over Rs 40,000 crore in the sorted-out segment alone, as law implementation stays frail and fraudsters unreservedly make advances into the market.”

In his inaugural address, Prabhu emphasized the government to make plans to bargain cruelly with the rising threat of counterfeiting.

He further added that “We will make an exceptionally present day Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) time in India and that would prompt be making individuals putting into the brand and that will prompt a learning economy which thus will improve India a far place and built up the place.”

“To make Brand India an unmistakably adequate brand we should, as a matter of first importance, secure IPR because nations, organizations, even Indian organizations that will put tremendous measure of cash into brand building, making new rights in type of licenses, copyrights or new item advancement or particle improvement every one of them would require IPR assurance. If Indian brands need to wind up worldwide then they should likewise have the capacity to regard worldwide brands in India,” he included.

The event was graced by all the ASPA members in the presence of ASPA’s president, Mr U.K.Gupta.

A total of eight sessions were held in the span of two days by many elite speakers. The sessions covered all the aspects of counterfeiting, the role of consumers in the fight against counterfeiting, authentication solutions and technologies, case studies from brand owner’s perspectives, the future of authentication technologies, the value of branding, protection and enforcement and was concluded by an interactive townhall session on the unabated growth of counterfeiting.

ASPA is untiringly helping the government, brands and consumers against the global menace of counterfeiting.