Beware of fake online products this festive season

Hefty discounts on products and alluring deals on shopping portals could be a deception. There are chances that such products are counterfeits. A young consumer just had a traumatic experience when she bought her favourite eyeliners of a renowned international brand from an online site at low prices. To her surprise, the eyeliner turned out to be fake.

According to the duped consumer, the reach of fake products is so much that it is displayed on the top of the product listing. She said, “I thought as the product is available on a popular and genuine website, so it is safe to buy from it. But, the product I received was entirely different from the one mentioned on the website, the details did not match at all, the entire experience was so dismaying.”

The victim of the fake product also contacted the website to address the problem, but they just insisted on the refund rather than taking into account the root cause of the problem of counterfeiting. Returning money is indeed important but what about the situation in which the consumer has already used a toxic substance that has affected his or her health.

The victim made several attempts to reach the company authorities, but it was of no avail. Then she wrote to the actual manufacturer of the product and was stunned to know that they had never sold any of their products through the website.

In response to the queries of media the e-commerce website’s spokesperson clarified that their portal is a market place for third-party sellers through which they can sell their products and the company takes strict measures against a person involved in any kind of counterfeiting.