Bisleri Launches Vernacular Labels to Fight Counterfeiting

Bisleri Image

Bisleri, a reputed name in the distilled bottled water business is ready to handle counterfeiting by introducing dual-languages labels across India.

Owing to the significant rate at which the demand for clean water is increasing, Bisleri has chalked out an initiative aiming to connect with the locals and combat counterfeiting.

The vernacular labels have already been launched in Hindi (Uttar Pradesh), Marathi (Maharashtra) and Telugu (AP, Telangana) languages.

Speaking to a media house, Anjana Ghosh, Director – Marketing at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., said, “We wanted to communicate with consumers in every state. So, we wanted to use their own language to talk to them because people generally feel very nice when spoken to in their own tongue.”

She further added that bottled water faces serious threats from look-alikes in the market and this move will also create awareness about avoiding look-alikes and help in fighting counterfeiting for Bisleri. ‘The company wanted to ensure that consumers in remote areas where they are not as comfortable with English as in metros do not get misled and conned by these counterfeits’, she said.

The labels across 122 bottling plants of Bisleri will be changing soon and the company shall soon roll out dual-languages labels across India in the next couple of months so that people feel more connected to the brand and its products.

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