Cargill Foods all set to fight counterfeiting

Cargill Foods Counterfeiting - Holostik

Leading edible oil firm Cargill Foods India recently introduced anti-counterfeit technology in its cooking oil brand Gemini. This safety technology came at a cost of about Rs 2 crore to fight against fake products, besides protecting brand image and revenues.

The company said that it faces 10-20% business loss in smaller cities and rural markets due to fake products and is planning to launch this technology in other brands from next month such as nature fresh, Sweekar, Rath, Sunflower and Leonardo.

Company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Neelima Burra said, We have introduced new-age anti-counterfeiting technology in Gemini, which is our popular brand in South and West India. From next month, this will be in our all other brands. This anti-counterfeiting technology has a unique feature with a two-way process to check the authenticity. The estimated cost would be about Rs 2 crore.

Talking about the safety feature, she explains, “This process includes 3D Hologram of Cargill Foods India which signifies the authenticity of the product. On looking at this hologram using the phone’s torch light, one can see ‘1865’ written the year of foundation of Cargill Foods India’s operations,” she said, adding that there are multiple layers of security in this hologram.

She further added that, “Besides, the customer can download an app called ‘Mojo Tags‘ to scan batch code of the product and receive the reassurance of the genuineness of the product. We can now identify where the counterfeit has been detected and take immediate action.”