Casio initiates a major drive against fake products

Global electronics giant Casio has started an anti-counterfeit drive by which the company is seizing duplicate products across the country. The company is taking such measures to control the market of fake watches and calculators. Casio is also taking legal action against importers, wholesalers, and retailers dealing in counterfeit items. From the start of June, the company has conducted many raids around the country with the help of local police.

Raids have been conducted on wholesalers and retailers dealing with counterfeit products in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kolkata, Vadodara, and Bhopal. During the raids, large quantities of counterfeit Casio watches and calculators were confiscated by the authorities.

Through this step, the company has been successful in passing on a strong message and creating a deterrent amongst the infringers of its brand and intellectual property rights. With the anti-counterfeit move, Casio has conveyed a strong message against infringers of its brand and intellectual property rights.

A senior police officer in Delhi said: “We had received a complaint from the company following which a drive was initiated in the city. We have recovered several hundreds of fake watches and calculators. More than a dozen people have been arrested in this regard and a case under relevant sections was registered.”

Casio has also initiated legal action against Snapdeal for sale of counterfeit calculators and watches on its online platform. In this matter, a Delhi court has granted an ad-interim ex-parte injunction order in favour of Casio, restraining Snapdeal inter alia from selling, displaying and advertising goods bearing the trademarks of Casio. The company has said that seizure through customs is one of the most effective ways of fighting counterfeit products. As part of its anti-counterfeit drive, the company has been actively training Indian Customs personnel across the country on how to identify fake products. Indian Customs personnel have been successful in seizing large quantities of fake Casio watches imported from China.

Source: Outlook India