CBI To Enquire the Use of Chinese Spares in Dhanush Guns

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Just when the possibility of India China war is rising day by day, the news of use of Chinese spares for indigenised Bofor guns came as a spell of horror amongst the minds of many Indians.

The news spread like wild fire and CBI has already initiated an enquiry into the alleged supply of Chinese parts which claimed to be ‘Made in Germany’ for the manufacturing of 155 mm Dhanush guns, an indigenous version of Bofor gun.

According to the sources, the fake and cheap Chinese parts were reaching the production unit of indigenised Bofor guns by a Delhi-based firm Sidh Sales Syndicate who connived with some officers of Guns Carriage Factor (GCF), Jabalpur. CBI has booked the firm along with the officials for criminal conspiracy, cheating and forgery.

CBI in its FIR has alleged the Delhi supplier who conspired with the GCF officials to supply duplicate spare parts (bearings) used in the manufacture of Dhanush guns.

To hide its true intentions, the company also submitted ‘certificates in origin’ showing that the bearings were procured from CRB Antriebstechnik, Germany. Also, they were embossed with the CRB-Made in Germany label. The GCF tests clearly showed that the bearings had deviations in dimensions and were unacceptable but were later accepted by some unknown officials of GCF Jabalpur as a special case.

The CBI has information that these bearings were not manufactured by a German company but by Sino United Industries (Luyang) Ltd Henan, China. CBI also claimed that they have seized several email communications between China and Sidh Sales Syndicate corroborating the same. Sidh Sales had produced letter from Germany on a forged letterhead and certificate of origin.

According to the CBI, Dhanush guns have been very crucial for India’s defence preparedness and ‘wire race roller bearing’ is its vital component. The Bofor artillery guns gave Indian army an upper hand over Pakistan military during the Kargil war in 1999.

The incident comes as a serious deceiver to those thousands of soldiers who stand by the borders and sacrifice their precious lives to save the Indian territory. In contrast to them, these people in lieu of some money and self-interest sell themselves and put the country’s safety at stake. Our army is well-prepared to save the country from enemies at the other side of the border but the question arises, what about the enemies who live on this side of the territory?

With technological advancements, it was completely possible to avoid such heinous acts. Anti-counterfeiting products and solutions have made their footprints very strong worldwide. Holostik has solutions and technologies that would have made it very difficult for agencies to use forge documents and Chinese parts in such important ammunitions. We’ll tell you how: –

1. If the official letter and certificate from Germany had security features like security printing, holographic label or security hologram as its unique identification mark, it would have been extremely difficult to submit the forge documents of the same. The authorities would have immediately identified forge documents submitted by the supplier.

2. If the spare parts had holographic security labels with QR code or any barcode, it could have been easily scanned before being used in the bearings. The authenticity of the spare parts would have been crystal clear immediately.

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