CDA Consult Warns Public against Cheap Electrical Products

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Recently, the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) has warned the public against patronising electrical products on the basis of their low prices.

The CDA said that “The public must also desist totally from patronising electrical products exposed to direct sunshine and dust, especially the gadgets. We must take the first line of personal safety and precaution.”

Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Executive Director of CDA Consult stated in Accra, “Electrical products are built with either high or low voltages and elements that should not be exposed to sunshine and dust but unfortunately in Ghana, electrical products are displayed under the mercy of the weather outside shops and along the roadside patronising such products are dangerous.”

He further urged the public to report any suspicious electrical dealers to the appropriate state agencies.

Mr. Ameyibor noted that the CDA Consult in collaboration with the stakeholders will use the platform to also educate the public about counterfeit electrical products and brands in Ghana, and their negative consequences on people’s safety and health, and impact on the Ghanaian economies.

CDA Consult will also collaborate with state institutions like the Ghana Police Service, the Ghana Standards Authority, Ghana National Fire Service and other statutory bodies to test major legislations on electrical counterfeiting, and how they are being implemented nationally, in order to help fight against this issue.

An Anti-counterfeiting educational crusade is being set-up by the CDA Consult to help professionals understand the dangers associated with counterfeit electrical products.

The crusade also seeks to increase the level of awareness of the public about the dangers of counterfeit electrical products, reduce the sale of the products in the Ghanaian markets, save lives and limit the notorious effects of electrical counterfeiting.

Mr. Ameyibor said the CDA Consult crusade would also be focusing on equipping public officials with basic information so that electrical counterfeit items can be identified at first sight.

The crusade will ensure that the officials take stricter actions against people dealing in counterfeit electrical products and also equip the electricians and retailers so that they are able to distinguish between fake electrical products from the genuine ones.