Chanel’s Big Win Against Counterfeiting

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The luxury brand Chanel has paved way for all original brands by protecting its Intellectual Property against online counterfeiters. A lot of online sellers were engaged in selling counterfeit Chanel goods by using their logo through

The California Federal judge in the trademark infringement suit took side of the fashion house and entered a default judgment against over two dozen sellers fetching $3 million to Chanel. Popular and leading brands like Gucci and Dior are already in the list to protect their Intellectual Property against online sale of their counterfeit goods. Following Chanel, Louis Vuitton has also initiated proceedings against sellers on

Such trademark infringements suits are not filed for money but for discouraging and opposing these wrong activities, protecting the brand’s image and giving a hard lesson to counterfeiters.

The decision came as a huge sigh of relief for brands that were struggling to protect their trademarks from counterfeiting. Following this, brands which face trademark infringements through counterfeiting can claim relief as well as claim damages for their revenues lost.

Advancements in technology, liberalisation of Indian economy, Foreign Direct Investment policy etc have all made India a thriving platform for counterfeiters and given a tough time to the original brands.

It is now expected that a throng of businesses will be approaching the courts to claim relief for counterfeiting and trademark infringements.

Undoubtedly, this is a big step in deterring counterfeiters but we should also know that however hard the laws and policies are, counterfeiters will always find a way to escape and generate profits by deceiving the system. Also, it is not practically possible for online websites to screen every seller. Therefore, it is the brand’s own responsibility to safeguard their products and trademarks by using anti-counterfeiting products and solutions.

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