CID officials bust fake sunglasses racket in Surat

counterfeit sunglasses

CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officials recently raided a shop of sunglasses in Bhaga Talav area of Surat. The officials seized around 13,000 spectacles of a popular brand with a total value of Rs. 1.31 crores that were stocked in warehouses and shops.

Fake sunglasses have become rampant and one can easily find cheap copies of costly brands. This has affected the market of legitimate and popular sunglasses brands across the country.

The police raided an optical shop located at Pratikar Market in Bhaga Talav area of the city where police found a large stock of sunglasses. The police booked the accused under the copyright act and other offences. The CID crime team arrested the owners of the shop and handed over the accused involved in the business to the police.

A few months back police seized around 1000 sunglasses in Vadodara which were sold as Lacoste sunglasses. When technical experts checked the sunglasses, they found them as counterfeit. Each piece of the sunglass was valued at Rs 1000.

In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in counterfeit sunglasses and they can be found at different locations. Besides, duping the consumer fake sunglasses are harmful to the health. The impact can vary from dark circles to eye problem, as the material with which fake sunglasses are made is of low and cheap quality.

Source: TOI