Counterfeit beauty products, shoes worth P40 Million seized at NAIA since January

According to the Bureau of Customs (BOC), authorities have seized P40 million worth of counterfeit beauty products and shoes so far at the nation’s main airport this year.

As per BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, among things seized from January until this month was 6,500 bits of Goree beauty items, 111 sets of elastic shoes, and 119 bundles of glutathione items that lack government endorsement.

A large portion of the items was Chinese-made and originated from the territory, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a year ago restricted Goree items, saying these contain “harmful mercury levels past the 1 parts per million [limit] set by the organization.”

The branded shoes, in the interim, were unlawfully transported from Italy and dispatched to a specific Associated Freight Consolidators, said Lapeña.

A portion of the shoes, which included thump offs of brands like Nike, Adidas and Balenciaga, will be unloaded or given to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, he said.

Alternate items will be obliterated inside 40 days.

The BOC said it was planning with its universal partners to find makers of the counterfeit things. The department presently can’t seem to make any captures.

The agency said it has additionally seized 13 skimming gadgets from travellers from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia over the past six years.