Counterfeit IMFL blending unit busted in Vellore

A few days back enforcement wing officials busted a fake IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor) blending unit in Vellore. Police officials arrested five people including a supplier and a marketing executive for operating an illegal unit. Police also seized a car, a mini-van, fake labels of popular liquor brands, bottling machines, holograms and stickers.

The accused has been identified as Manoharan 25 of Kandili Kummudikanpettai village, Govindharaj 60 of Jannalapettai vllage, Saravanan 36 of Goundapanur village, Selvakuma or Tirupattur and Jayakumar of Krishnagiri district.

Police said that counterfeit IMFL was manufactured at an underground unit owned by Saravanan at Eriyur village. The counterfeit liquor was being supplied at different spots at Jawadhu hills in Tiruvannamalai and Krishnagiri district.

VMP Aasithambi ADSP Vellore conducted a surprise vehicle check at Natrampall village and caught three accused, after a getting a tip on the same.

Based on their confession, police officials seized the fake liquors and other equipment used for blending counterfeit liquor. ADSP Vellore said that many more people are involved in the crime and a search is underway to catch them.

Source: TOI