Counterfeit Merchandise Worth Dh10m Seized in Three Months in Dubai

dubai customs

Records demonstrate that the Dubai Customs seized a great many unlawful things as a component of 263 IP seizures in 2017.

As indicated by an official, fake merchandise worth Dh10 million was seized by the Dubai Customs in the first quarter of 2018.

According to Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, executive of Dubai Customs, these included opiates, non-ignitable weapons, guns and adornments, fake and restricted items, phoney and precluded meds, vulgar content and witchcraft things.

The division seized a huge number of fake merchandise as a component of 59 trademark encroachment cases, in the initial three months of this current year.

Records demonstrate that the Dubai Customs reallocated a huge number of illicit things as a component of 263 IP seizures in 2017. The things seized were esteemed at Dh110 million. These are contrasted with 218 seizures, worth Dh62.5 million, in 2016.

He further stated that the Dubai Customs makes all the efforts to check all types of business extortion and duplicating, and fixing traditions controls overall Dubai outskirt focuses. It trades many insight data and tips with the bodies concerned worldwide through the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO).

The Dubai Customs has built up a best-in-class risk management framework called Risk Engine, which accelerates the hazard appraisal and investigation process. “We are additionally the primary traditions organization on the planet to use savvy glasses in review tasks, in an offer to additionally rearrange and quicken field examination of cargo consignments in different customs checkpoint.”

The Dubai Customs has additionally installed bags smart customs inspection systems known as Smart Table, in Dubai’s air terminals to effectively streamline the clearing of travellers and luggage.

Musabih additionally attested that Dubai Customs IP Award for Schools and Universities has turned into a famous rivalry everywhere throughout the UAE.

A sum of 165,824 students from 172 schools and 30 colleges have taken an interest in the award since its dispatch in 2017.