Counterfeit Nintendo Pro Controllers allegedly being sold on Amazon

In a recent development, it has been noticed that fake Nintendo Pro Controllers are being sold on Amazon India. A Reddit user tough_luck has posted on /r/Indian Gaming Subreddit talking about fake Switch Pro controllers being sold on Amazon India.

The seller tough_luck spoke about, Micromini reportedly selling fake controllers.

According to Reddit post, it has been revealed that there were certain points through which tough_luck came to know that the product was fake. In addition, the packaging was of low quality, the texture of the controller’s shell felt different from an official Pro controller while the transparent shell of the original Pro controller in much clearer than the fake one.

One of the best ways tough_luck has pointed out to test whether your Switch Pro controller is the real deal is to plug it into a OnePlus Dash charging cable.

There are only certain cables through which you can charge the Nintendo controller and the Switch, so a legitimate controller wouldn’t be able to charge off OnePlus’s charger. Fake controllers will still charge off the OnePlus Dash chargers.