Counterfeit Products Worth Dh8m Seized in Ajman

phoney merchandise

Authorities have seized more than 38,500 phoney merchandise, evaluated to be worth Dh8 million, of more than 30 universal brands of apparels and accessories and different items in Ajman. These fake items have been withdrawn from the market.

The seizures were made by The Directorate of Control and Consumer Protection of the Department of Economic Development — Ajman (DED-Ajman) during two examinations led by the Commercial Fraud Department of DED-Ajman in collaboration with Ajman Police and a trademarks delegate.

The investigations are a part of the motive of DED-Ajman’s responsibility towards battling the multiplication of fake products and furthermore to protect local consumers.

Majed Al Suwaidi, director of customer relations department at DED-Ajman, underlined that the examination will proceed as a component of the move to seize unlawful products and take lawful activities against violators.

The projects, DED-Ajman stated, fall in accordance with the division’s order to make a reasonable venture condition for customers, which is likewise observed as a vital component in monetary development.

Al Suwaidi worried on DED-Ajman’s responsibility regarding enforcement of strict punishments to decrease or absolutely quit falsifying and industrially deceitful exercises.

He stated: “We stay relentless in our endeavours to work intimately with Ajman Police and the agents of these worldwide brands in the crusade to confiscate fake products, which incorporate phoney garments, packs and embellishments. We look forward to strengthening our activities by expanding open mindfulness about these pilfered things and instruct individuals about their consumer rights.

He included: “Besides, we likewise look towards actualizing strict rules and guidelines that control the nature of items being offered in the present markets. We request everyone to report any occurrences of business extortion and related practices to DED-Ajman through our hotline number 80070 or by means of email at”