Counterfeit watches worth around Rs 37 lakh seized in Noida

In a recent case of counterfeiting, three men were arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit versions of popular branded watches. The Noida police busted a racket of counterfeiters with 12,000 fake branded watches.

The police arrested the accused in phase 3 police station are after a tip-off by an employee of an IT firm. The police recovered around 12,600 watches from the accused.

According to a police spokesperson the accused would paste forged logos of Titan and Fastrack on low-quality watches and sold them in the market.

The total value of counterfeit watches recovered by the police is worth Rs 37.80 lakh. The accused have been identified as Shivkumar Singh a native of Farrukhabad district in U.P and Nitin Gupta and Mandeep Narula from Delhi.

The police officials also said that all the accused have been charged under section 63 of the copyright act, which leads to imprisonment for not less than six months and may be extended up to three years along with a fine amounting not less than Rs 50,000 or up to 2 lakh.

Source: PTI