Counterfeiting Crime Ring Busted by Kirkland Police

Kirkland Police

Recently, Kirkland police captured five men who according to them oversee the current spike in wrongdoing in Kingsgate.

As indicated by specialists the culprits were stealing packages, mail and autos. They were likewise making their own money.

Police began getting reports of fake trade circling out the Kingsgate neighbourhood in Kirkland over the most recent couple of months.

The McDonald’s eatery reached police in the wake of getting fake $20 bills.

“The cash looked and felt genuine. But once you start taking a gander at them you see the serial numbers are the same,” said Corporal Cody Mann, Kirkland Police Department.

Agents say that the criminal ring was connected to drugs and they recuperated meth and dark tar heroin in the condo.

Kirkland Police say they’ve seen a drop-in auto robbery, mail burglary, and ID burglary since their capture a month ago. They likewise have not had any more reports of fake money.

Investigators are yet searching for four more suspects.

Police have a notice for hoodlums focusing on occupants in Kirkland.

Corporal Mann also issued a statement to warn the culprits, “We’ll see you. You may pull a couple of over on us until the point that we make sense of your identity. We will, in the long run, get up to speed with you and on the off chance that you hear a thump on the entryway at 7 am early in the day, like these people did on the 28th of December, it’s us and we’re putting a stop to it.”