Crane Issues Banknote with Anti-Counterfeiting Security Feature

security feature

Crane issued its first banknote with a new micro-optics security feature called Motion Surface. The security feature is made at Crane Currency’s Nashua plant and incorporates three-dimensionality and fluid movement.

The anti-counterfeiting feature incorporated banknote is company’s first and was printed as a commemorative banknote and was issued by the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan. This is also country’s first currency printed in a vertical orientation rather than horizontal.

Giving the details, Stephen DeFalco, CEO of Crane Currency, said, “We are thrilled. This new product is very well received from the marketplace.” He further added that the Motion Surface micro-optic security feature cannot be replicated, and this family of products has the strongest anti-counterfeiting method in the country.

DeFalco also said that the new banknote consists of an image with moving 3-D elements. Furthermore, during the printing process, Motion Surface is applied to the banknote. He added on by saying that the Motion Surface feature is the newest of the three anti-counterfeiting products produced by Crane and the company was working on it for about four years.

The 2,000 soum commemorative banknote of Kyrgyz Republic’s celebrates the 25-year anniversary of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic and the establishment of its national currency.

DeFalco did not comment on how many commemorative banknotes were printed for the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan but said the 2,000 som denomination equates to about $28 in American money.

Crane Currency has been the supplier of banknotes for all central banks all over the world and has also been supplying the United States Treasury with its currency paper since 1879.

After acquiring Technical Graphics Inc in Milford in 2008, Crane moved the business to Nashua where it witnessed rapid growth.