Crime branch arrests people for selling fake Gillette products

fake Gillette product

The Mumbai crime branch recently arrested nine persons in a series of raids at 11 shops. The alleged persons were dealing with fake Gillette brand name. The crime branch came to know that the accused persons were selling low-grade Chinese products under the brand name Gillette. Authorities have seized large quantities of counterfeit products at Crawford markets and Andheri.

Procter and Gamble had earlier lodged a complaint with the D.N Nagar police station in Andheri after they found counterfeit products flooding the market and resulting in heavy losses. They have also mentioned that the inferior quality of the products was damaging the brand’s reputation.

The case was handed to the crime branch which busted the racket that was dealing with fake products at 11 shops located in Andheri and Mumbai. The property cell of the crime branch carried out raids at the locations and confiscated a large number of fake products.

The accused have been identified as Pankaj Nisar, 37; Pankaj Jain, 38; Mangilal Chaudry, 37; Badar Shaikh, 23; Nasir Shaikh, 25; Iftekar Aalam, 22; Tabrez Shaikh, 21; Mohammad Shaikh, 44; and Pravin Phulwala, 62.

A crime branch officer said that the accused shopkeepers stored the fake products imported from China and later sold the products in the market. The arrested have been booked under sections of the Indian Penal code Copyrights Act and the Trademark Act.

Source: Asian Age