Dogs Set to Rescue the World Against Counterfeiting

counterfeit currency

We all know and believe completely that dogs are blessed with supernatural sense of smell. From many years now, this innate ability of dogs is being used by the police and law-enforcement authorities to solve many complicated criminal cases.

The world witnessed its first counterfeit-sniffing dog named Mike, in 1997 and the concept just boomed after that.

Dogs have gone through rigorous training and made to use by humans for thousands of years. Dogs have been helpful to protect crops, cattle, pull loads, and a lot more. Now, dogs are even being trained to help combat counterfeiting.

A special troupe of dogs have been trained to locate counterfeit currency. According to a report issued by the Secret Service, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board, Columbia produces approximately 15% of counterfeit American currency. NewsMax says that the Secret Service and Colombian authorities have seized more than $150 million of counterfeit currency since 1998.

Countries like North Korea and Eastern European nations are following Columbia and forging currency. The counterfeit money produced is not only boosting organised crimes and terrorism but is also impacting the country, financially and economically.

Government, agencies, law makers have struggled for years to find an effective way to stop the flow of fake cash and now they have got dogs to take charge against counterfeiting.

Counterfeit sniffing dogs have proved extremely valuable in counterfeiting operations and locating hidden stashes of fake bills, and more. As more dogs are trained and put into the project, officials are expecting to see more impressive results.