Durham Trading Standards clamps down on fake goods

As the post-Christmas bargain is on a high a new scheme has been put into action to battle growing business of fake goods on social media. Durham Trading Standards has launched a new scheme to protect the local customers and small business from illegal items being sold on e-commerce and social media platforms.

The real deal online programme ensures that social media groups do not promote the sale of fake good and other illicit products.

Officers are in touch with the administrators of the group to make them aware of their legal responsibilities and motivate them to follow the real deal rules.

Administrators are asked to allow trading standards officers to join the group and agree to a set of rules including the prohibition of the sale of fake and illegal goods which are:

  • To abide by the information from IP rights owners and their representatives who highlight the sale of fake goods.
  • To notify trading standards if they believe that fake goods are being sold within the group and to exclude the sellers of these goods.
  • To highlight notices and warnings posted by trading standards.
  • To make it sure that all members of the group are aware of its fake free policy.

Source: ITV.com