Fake products seized in Punjab in different raids

fake food products

The food safety wing of Punjab government had busted a racket in Mansa which was involved in counterfeiting of various food items. The officials found fake ghee which was prepared from vegetable fats and other harmful materials. The fake ghee was sold under the name of popular brands like Amul, Verka and Milkfood.

KS Pannu, the Food Safety and Drug Commissioner told that the racket was busted after some raids on a residential area. Pannu said that besides ghee the counterfeiter was involved in preparing duplicates of popular brands like Tide detergent, Tata salt and Good day biscuits. The officials also recovered around 700 packets of fake Tata Tea Gold filled with cheap quality tea.

A large number of labels and packaging material was also recovered which indicates that the accused had a big network of production and marketing. The seized stock included wrappers, packets etc.

In a similar incident, a counterfeiter was caught in Sangrur who was packing and labelling rice bran oil as pure mustard oil.

Source: Tribune