Fake Paan Masala Unit Busted in Bazarkhala Area

Fake Paan Masala

In Lucknow recently, a team of six policemen busted a manufacturing factory producing fake tobacco products in Bazarkhala area.

Acting on a piece of secret information, the police raided the unit located in Bulaki and seized 20 sacks full of different brands of paan masala. Two machines were also seized but unfortunately, not a single person was found at the site.

The raid was conducted by a team consisting six policemen from Bazarkhala police station at a commercial complex in Bulaki Adda at 11.45am.

The unit was traced in the basement and according to officer-in-charge of Bazarkhala police station Sujit Kumar Dube, nobody was there when they reached. He added that receipts and letterheads of the company were found, and the owner is being traced. Also, an FIR for cheating is lodged with charges and under Copyright Act.