The Most Fake-proof Currency In The World

Fake-proof Currency

The £10 note has come with some cutting-edge features to combat counterfeiting. The newly released note has some unique features which will keep the currency safe from getting copied.

The currency for the first time will feature Jane Austen, a 19th century novelist. The currency will have Queen Elizabeth II on the front view as always.

Other distinctive features of this note are:

1. This note is printed on polymer and is expected to last about 2.5 times longer than the paper notes.

2. These notes have a tactile feature, contain a cluster of raised dots to help the visually impaired.

3. One foil patch contains hologram of the coronation crown. The other hologram has the word ‘Ten’ which changes to ‘Pounds’ on tilting.

4. A transparent window is present, featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II next to a finely detailed metallic image of Winchester Cathedral in a gold foil on the front and silver on the back.

5. Underneath the queen’s portrait are tiny letters and numbers that are only visible with a microscope.

6. The earlier note in circulation since 2016 had Winston Churchill but recently is replaced by Austen who was buried in Winchester Cathedral.

7. On tilting, the image of a quill changes from purple to orange depending on the angle of the bill.

8. Several features like the quill and a book-shaped copper foil patch contain the author’s initials JA.

With so many sophisticated features, the counterfeiting of the currency looks difficult. Well, at least we can hope for the same.