Fake Rs.500 note makers arrested from toll plaza

Fake Currency

The news of circulation of fake Rs. 2000 notes had not gone well under the throat and the world took another bite of fake Rs. 500 notes circulating at tolls.

At Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh, on Thursday, police have arrested two workers of a toll plaza for circulating counterfeit Rs. 500 notes. They have recovered 17 counterfeit notes of Rs. 500, a colour printer and other tools used for printing the notes.

The plan came from the mind of a youth, Yallamandala Rajesh, a resident of K. Bitragunta village in Jarugumalli Mandal who worked as a toll collector in the toll plaza of Simhapuri Expressway Limited at Tangutur. On his observation, he found that the long journey drivers from Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. were always in hurry and hardly checked the notes.

Next, he approached his friend Ch Gopi, a photo studio owner and planned to dupe people and earn money. They purchased a digital scanner and colour printer in Ongole and made fake currency with them. They included change for the toll fees at night shifts to the drivers of cars and lorries from other states and managed to circulate 14 notes of Rs. 500 counterfeit currency.

After receiving complaints from three granite lorry drivers about the fake notes circulation at the toll plaza, Tanguturu police raided it. They arrested Rajesh and Gopi along with the machinery and have recovered 17 fake notes in their possession. The accused said that they initiated printing of the notes on August 4 and circulated nearly Rs 7,000 worth of Rs 500 notes.

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