Fake Xiaomi stores in India are scamming people

fake xiaomi

Xiaomi a leading mobile phone and electronic equipment manufacturer has fallen under a new scam. Manu Jain Managing Director of Xiaomi tweeted about a scam where few Indian retailers have been duped into buying counterfeit franchises of the company’s Mi Stores. The company is taking strict measures to ensure that its brand value is not tarnished and retailers in India remain safe from any kind of fraud or forgery.

Forged documents with Jain’s fake signature have been circulating among some retailers in the country. People are being sold fake franchises for opening Xiaomi stores with the help of forged documents.

Manu Jain tweeted “FRAUD ALERT! I have come across a scam where few retailers have been cheated into buying fake franchises of Xiaomi India Mi Stores! Shocking to see forged documents, with my fake signatures,”.

He further said that his company is taking the incident very seriously and filed a case with the cyber crime department and police is investigating the matter.

Making the retailers aware of the scam Jain requested the retailers to first confirm the authenticity of the documents and then apply for the Mi Store franchise through the official channels.

Source: Indiatoday.in

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