Fakes Merchandise Worth Over R20-m Seized by SARS

Merchandise Worth

Till date, 132 busts have identified with clothing and textile encroachments.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has blocked four relegations of suspected fake merchandise worth R20.5 million at OR Tambo International Airport.

The busts that went on for two witnessed 2600 Nike tennis shoes from Hong Kong being seized.

Likewise, other items that were confiscated includes 7700 Nike sneakers, 100 Louis Vuitton sacks, 2000 children Nike shoes and 470 Gucci ladies’ dresses and 1600 ladies’ Polo and Chanel marked shoes from China.

Prior this month, a 24-foot container was detained by SARS Customs authorities with suspected fake shoes, packs, wallets and different merchandise.

Amid the December 8 bust at the City Deep stop in Gauteng, the products with a secured estimation of R20.7-million were proclaimed as furniture.

This was one of the 561 busts that SARS Customs authorities have completed since an extraordinary “increased inspections” operation began at the City Deep terminal in August.

The operation concentrates particularly on denied and confined merchandise, for example, fake garments and shoes.

“So far, 132 busts have identified with attire and material encroachments, with these busts acquiring over R10.5-million of income since August.”

The bust on March 8 was the second greatest speculated counterfeit clothing and textile bust since the operation started. The greatest bust occurred in August when fake marked products evaluated to be worth R23 million were confiscated.

To address clothing and textile infringements this year, SARS has introduced a number of measures. One such measure is the presentation of new hazard rules which have prompted an expansion in the number of stops and examinations of garments and material merchandise.