FDA Urges Consumers to Report Counterfeit and Expired Products

The Upper East Regional Head of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Mr. Zakaria Braimah, recently advised people, in general, to report any phoney and counterfeit items to the authority for prompt examination.

He asked customers to closely observe the items, for example, drugs, makeup, nourishment etc among others for their expiry date before acquiring or expending them.

The Regional Head urged people in general not to be threatened by exercises of item wholesalers and distributors who enjoy the deal and dispersion of fake and expired items.

He additionally forewarned shoppers to report to his outfit items available that don’t have an FDA authorisation, adding that uncovering dealers of such items was the surest method for advancing safe general well-being and shielding purchasers from harm.

As indicated by Mr Braimah, the FDA, apart from its own philosophy in recognizing unwholesome items, sourced the greater part of its data from individuals from general society and consequently asked shoppers to report that they announced such unlawful acts in the locale to the FDA.

Mr Braimah, in a meeting with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), in Bolgatanga, said that the FDA’s order was to guarantee general well-being and security and requested that items were safe and useful for utilization.

The Regional Head said before an organization could enlist items with the FDA, its proprietors were required by law to present a dossier of everything engaged with the assembling of the item and the substance.

He yielded that it was difficult distinguishing counterfeit items on the racks claiming the imitators were shrewd and tricky and appeared to influence their items to take after the first and said when cautioned, the Authority inspected to affirm the authenticity of the item and follow up on that.

He said as a feature of its command, the FDA had revealed a state-funded training effort to sharpen individuals from people in general on the best way to recognize phoney and expired items when they visited shops to buy items.

He warned dealers who enjoyed the offer of counterfeit and expired items to stop from the demonstration and said the FDA would seek after and arraign such wrongdoers if they don’t forgo the illegal business.