Flipkart Files FIR Against Worker and MRPL for Providing Counterfeit Items


India’s web-based business major Flipkart has recorded a police FIR against its merchant and provider Macrowagon Retail (MRPL) for allegedly committing cheat, misrepresentation, and break of trust.

MRPL alongside the Flipkart workers were submitted glove for bringing in sub-standard items at a lower cost while proceeding to charge it the rate settled upon for original goods, said an ET report.

That isn’t all, the Bengaluru-based firm discovered tricking stretched out to adulterated bills and solicitations to conceal the extortion.

“Flipkart has a zero-resilience strategy on all occurrences of extortion or rupture of trust and considers all infringement very seriously,” said Flipkart representative.

In any case, MRPL has denied the claims and charges put on them.

“Flipkart’s charges are unmerited. They (Flipkart) associated with us to the providers and approached us to import these products for a settled margin. I have every single lawful contract on which Flipkart has compensated us from any IPR claims,” MRPL representative said.

In the interim, the worker, who has assumed a key part in this, is yet to respond to the improvement.

In December 2017, US footwear mark Skechers had documented bodies of evidence against the web-based business commercial centre and four merchants on its stage for professedly offering its fake items.

Skechers attacked seven distribution centres in Delhi and Ahmedabad to recoup counterfeit stock from vendors Retail Net, Tech Connect, Unichem Logistics and Marco Wagon, the organization said in its appeal to submit to the Delhi High Court.

It discovered more than 15,000 sets of phoney shoes that should have been sold as Skechers.

Till date, online retailers have kept up that they are just online commercial centres simply help interface merchants with purchasers. Numerous web-based business sites have been blamed for offering fake items on their stages.

There are numerous occasions where e-tailers have drawn fire over items sold. In 2013, a Flipkart client got a couple of stones in the wake of submitting a request for an iPod. In October 2014, a Snapdeal client got a bar of soap in the wake of requesting a Samsung telephone.