Gang Selling Fake Hi-end Products Busted in Taichung


Taichung police recently raided a distribution centre in Beitun District and captured three suspects regarding the creation of phoney extravagance products, for example, bags, shoes and garments. The falsified merchandise included brands like Gucci, Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Burberry to give some examples.

The police seized 1,400 phoney items from the distribution centre assessed at an estimation of NT$10 million (US$337,826).

The associated proprietor with the organization fabricating the phoney merchandise is a 25-year-old man surnamed Tsai (Cai), and additionally two of his business accomplices, who are his previous classmates.

The business is accounted for to have created an income of NT$2 million consistently.

According to the report, the three lived as students living abroad and have access to genuine hi-end branded products at cheap prices through factory outlets with little damage.

Agents said a bag from the extravagance mark Tote bag, which has a retail estimation of NT$52,000, was being sold for NT$10,000, however, the genuine cost to create the pack was just NT$5,000.

The fake things are said to have been delivered in industrial facilities in China, imported by the three fraudsters and afterwards sold to clients on the web.

The suspects have been captured and are to be accused of misrepresentation and breaking the Trademark Act (Trademark Law).

The case became known a year ago when a few clients sent their bought things to the first makers for examination and were told their items were counterfeits. The clients at that point held up dissensions about the online organization with the neighbourhood police headquarters and an examination concerning the ring started.

The agents affirmed that in the wake of analysing the items, none of them was veritable and all the foreign records found in the raided warehouse recommended that the things were fabricated in China.