Garment Exporters Blacklist Fake Buyers to Curb Counterfeiting

phoney purchasers

Numerous garment manufacturers in Tirupur rely upon purchasers who buy clothing items from them and fare these to foreign nations.

The expanding number of ‘counterfeit purchasers’ in the garment export sector has prompted a tremendous misfortune for exporters in the Tirupur hub a that it has provoked the Tirupur Exporters and Manufacturers Association (TEAMA) to draw up a ‘boycott’ of such purchasers to make mindfulness among the industrialists here.

Numerous clothing makers in Tirupur centre point rely upon purchasers who buy clothing items from them and fare these to outside nations. Be that as it may, the interruption of some ‘phoney purchasers’ into the business has prompted overwhelming misfortunes for producers.

Talking about the issue, TEAMA president M P Muthu Rathinam stated, “The leading garment export hub of Tirupur is seeing such tricks lately. ‘Counterfeit purchasers’ figure out how to get the delivery of clothing items from exporters and delude them when settling sum for those items. Now and again, the purchasers charge tremendous sums from exporters by discovering abandons in the items. Moreover, some purchasing operators hold hands with ‘counterfeit purchasers’ to hoodwink garment manufacturers.”

He noticed that little and medium garment industries have endured a great deal and some of them have shut their units because of overwhelming misfortunes. As per him, the affiliation intends to distinguish these ‘phoney purchasers and operators’.

Mr Muthu Rathinam said that work was in progress to open a site ‘Killer buyers and their buying agents’. “Garment exporters, who were barbarously tricked by such phoney purchasers and specialists, should post all subtle elements on the website. It will assist other clothing exporters with avoiding being hoodwinked by them.”

He likewise proposed setting up a board of legal advisors to assist the torment garment makers with beginning a lawful battle against false purchasers.

Mr Muthu Rathinam also asked the garment exporters to be careful to help control the scams and wipe out extortion purchasers and operators from the business.