Half of the Consumers Lack Trust on Online Reviews


If you too are one of those, who usually read product reviews on online sites and buys stuff, you should read this. According to a study, 50% consumers deem online reviews to be either fake or planted. As per LocalCircles study, 35% said that their negative reviews have often been rejected by e-commerce sites.

The study also showed that a clear majority of users do not trust online reviews and consider them to be either fake or planted. Many online firms like Amazon and Zomato encourage customers to share their experiences of products and food and give reviews on the website.

Online sites like eBay and Flipkart showcases many products of individual businesses and the owners write reviews themselves or ask their friends or family to write good reviews.

LocalCircles Social network conducted a survey of around 15,000 people. The results showed that 50% customers did not have any trust on the online reviews. Many also believed that the firms give good remarks to the negative products to push their marketing.

The report also said that 34% of the consumers believed that if they happened to give a negative review, the site concerned has often rejected it. They blame lack of stringent laws and rising cyber-attacks for the same.

The Times of India reported that to counter this problem, e-commerce sites have started to block fake accounts, which either give negative reviews or promote faulty products with good comments.

Amazon India has completely stopped the practice of paid reviews and only allows the product users to give feedback and reviews of the product.