High sale of counterfeits witnessed on Mother’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation, the shopping presents for Mother’s Day generated a whopping amount of $25 billion in sales. While many purchased gifts from genuine retail outlets, a lot of consumers bought a large number of counterfeit products. As per Red Points, 20% people bought fake products for Mother’s Day.

Laura Urquizu, CEO, Red Points says, “One out of three shoppers has purchased fake products intentionally”. The company surveyed around 1500 Americans and does not include any information on whether or not their mothers knew. According to Red Points, “Those who intentionally bought counterfeits mostly chose jewellery and watches.”

Urquizu says, “A counterfeit is an imitation of the genuine brand and uses its logo and packaging without permission. The intention of a counterfeit product is to deceive the customer into buying it. This is illegal and IP owners can take legal action against infringers.”

Global consumers spend about half a trillion dollars on counterfeit items every year, with more than 70% of goods being sold by online marketplaces, reports Medium. Among retailers accused in the past of selling fake goods are Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba and American online giant Amazon.

Source: Fortune