Holostik Commended for Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product for Magnum

Packing Product

The International Holograms Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards 2017 was held recently. The awards took place at the Holography Conference in Barcelona, Spain and witnessed leading holography companies who gathered to recognise excellence and cutting-edge technology in holography.

The world-class leader of Holograms, Holostik was commended for the best-applied decorative/packaging product for its Magnum hologram. This secured hologram incorporates a portfolio of features like Fresnel effect, emboss effect with depth, full visible dynamic effects, a pure 3D globe model, guilloche effect, pearl with text effect, 2D/3D effects, animated flower, covert laser readable effect, kinetic effect, 3D text, gradient effect and many other unique optical features.

As the industry marks 70 years of the invention of holograms, this year’s Excellence in Holography Awards attracted a record number of entries. The awards organised by IHMA, considered more than 50 entries for the awards.

Holostik has previously won several awards from IHMA which are as follows:

2015 –Commendation award for “Best Applied Security Product” for “Afzal Inner”
2013 – Commendation award for “Best Origination” for “HIGH-SECURITY CHAMELEONGRAM”
2013 – “Best Applied Decorative Product Award” for “LABEL EXODUS”
2009 – Commendation for “Best Applied Security Product” for “Vanali”
2009 – Commendation award for “Innovation in Holographic Technique” for “Pisco Peru Plata”
2009 – Holography award for “Innovation in holographic production & OEM product” for “Holographic Blister Packaging”
2008 – The most prestigious “Brian Monaghan Award” for “Business innovation” to Mr U.K. Gupta (C.M.D.)