Holostik commended for best applied packaging and best applied security products at IHMA awards

holostik group

The International Holograms Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards 2018 took place on 15th November 2018 at Minsk, Belarus. The event witnessed leading holography companies who gathered to recognise excellence and cutting-edge technology in holography.

The world-class leader of Holograms, Holostik was commended for the best-applied decorative/packaging product – Afxigra and best-applied security product- Gopal. The awards were received by Mr U.K. Gupta Chairman Holostik Group and Mr Ankit Gupta Director Holostik Group. Both of them expressed their happiness on receiving the awards and said that Holostik will continue with new innovations in holographic technology and mission to curb counterfeiting at the global level.

The awards include Afxigra- a pharma carton which includes features like metallic effect non-printing, platinum relief image, dome lens effect, brush effect and heart outline in CRI effect. Gopal is a tobacco packaging product- a tagger foil with highly advanced nano-optical features. The high-security product incorporates features like full visible with dynamic effect, smart glint effect “GOPAL & G Z”, dead colour effect, relief effect, white sparkling effect, motion effect etc.

The awards recognize excellence in holographic technology and innovation. It is meant for market players who introduce innovative or commercially viable hologram products or techniques over the past year. This year’s excellence in holography awards attracted a record number of entries. Holostik has previously won several awards from IHMA.