Holostik presents an intriguing paper at IHMA Holography Conference in Minsk

The leading international body of holographic industry IHMA (International Holograms Manufacturers Association) and Reconnaissance International recently organized the Holography Conference from 15th to 16th November 2018 at Minsk, Belarus.

The conference is a global platform to showcase cutting-edge applications and innovative technologies in the field of holography and was attended by leading hologram manufacturers, suppliers, consumers along with government institutions, private firms and researchers.

The event also witnessed paper presentations on 16th November from top-notch manufacturers and innovators on different scenarios of holographic technology and markets.

Mr. Ankit Gupta, Director Holostik India Limited was one of the key attendees who presented a thought-provoking paper on the topic – Hologram, QR Code, RFID & Blockchain: friends or foes?

Starting with the initial introduction of Holostik as one of the global leaders of anti-counterfeiting products and solutions, he further explained the evolution of different authentication technologies along with their pros and cons. He also presented a comparative landscape of authentication technologies according to different parameters.

This was followed by an animated video which highlighted the significance of teamwork and how the same should be implemented with the harmonization and amalgamation of different authentication technologies.

He finally concluded that a perfect combination of anti-counterfeiting product and IT solution provides a holistic or complete solution for organizations in battling duplication along with a host of other advantages. In a nutshell, the paper validates that different authentication technologies are not competing but are rather complementing to each other.

The paper also shed light on two different case studies which focused on an Ayurvedic brand and an Ink Cartridge manufacturer. The cases explained how Holostik helped the companies in battling the problem of counterfeiting with a streamlined and customized approach through different stages.

Mr Ankit Gupta shared the podium with attendees representing companies from UK, Germany and China. The session witnessed the massive presence of audience from different backgrounds. A day earlier, on 15th November, Holostik was commended for its best-applied packaging product – Afxigra and best-applied security product- Gopal at IHMA Excellence in Holography Awards 2018. The awards were received by Mr U.K. Gupta – Chairman, Holostik India Limited and Mr Ankit Gupta – Director, Holostik India Limited.