Hundreds of Fake Sketcher Shoes Confiscated, Sellers Held

skechers footwear

To crack down vendors selling fake footwear at Central Market and Tuol Tom Poung Market, the anti-economic crime police seized 363 sets of phoney Skechers shoes and kept different sellers for interrogation.

Meas Ravuth, appointee executive of the counter monetary wrongdoing police office, said the assaults on the two markets were completed in participation with metropolitan police and prosecutors from the civil court.

Mr Ravuth said three shops were assaulted at the two markets where each shop was offering fake Skechers footwear that abused licensed innovation rights.

Mr Ravuth said the activity was propelled after complaints were documented by the V2V Corporation, which has select rights to convey real Skechers footwear in the kingdom.

He noticed that two out of the three shops attacked brought about the seizure of merchandise.

“At two areas in Toul Tum Poung Market police discovered 363 sets of phoney shoes and confiscated them,” he said. “We required the proprietors of the two spots to show up for addressing to clear up things at the anti-economic crime police office.”

Mr Ravuth included that the case was progressing with the merchants proceeding to be addressed.

Kim Mach, an agent for the V2V Corporation, said just V2V has the rights to import legitimate Skechers from the United States available to be purchased in Cambodia at organization stores.

Ms Mach said any shoes being sold somewhere else are likely fakes.

She included that V2V delegates talked with the merchants before recording the grievance to police trying to inspire them to quit offering the items without the requirement for police mediation.

“The offer of phoney Skechers footwear has influenced the offers of the organization, and emphatically influences client certainty because the phoney items are of low quality,” she said. “It additionally influences the respect of the organization.”

As indicated by a 2017 National Police report, police cracked down 571 instances of monetary violations and captured 322 suspects last year.