Hyderabad police nabs two people for selling fake smart TVs

In a recent incident, the Hyderabad police arrested two businessmen for selling counterfeit smart TVs in the city. After getting a tip-off the Balanagar Special Operations Team (SOT) along with the Jeedimetla police conducted raids on two electronic shops.

The police seized the smart TVs from two retail outlets in the Shapur Nagar market and also arrested the respective owners. The shop owners were allegedly selling counterfeit TVs by installing software and labeling of many prominent electronics brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, AIWA and Toshiba.

The authorities had seized worth Rs 46.20 lakhs of 154 fake LED televisions from the shops said Cyberabad police in a statement.

The accused have been identified as Balamurugan Subrmaniyam alias Balu and Hasam Hasan Parmar. Both of them were running the business of counterfeit electronics and home appliances at Shapur Nagar Market, Jeedimetla on the same style of Mahashakati electronics and N.H electronics.

Both of the accused were involved in the sale and distribution of counterfeit LED TVs all across the country- Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, etc.

Source: UNIIndia.com