Hypertherm coordinates with police to seize fake items

Hypertherm the leading Chinese manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software products has taken legal action against four counterfeiters after four separate raids. The police have arrested five executives and seized large quantities of counterfeit Hypertherm consumables.

The authorities in China’s Changzhou conducted raids against largest manufacturers of counterfeit products and their distributors, making this the biggest anti-duplication operation in Hypertherm’s history. In addition, authorities were able to seize a list of companies conducting business with illegal manufacturers.

“Like nearly all companies, Hypertherm is concerned about the impact and safety risks of counterfeit product on our business and customers and is committed to disrupting the illegal manufacture of products that adversely impact the performance of our systems,” said Brett Hansen, Hypertherm’s intellectual property manager. “Our consumables are manufactured to strict specifications and often contain patented technologies that are difficult to correctly replicate. As a result, customers who unknowingly purchase these counterfeit products will not achieve the same consumable life or performance as the genuine product and are at risk.”

To ensure you do not fall victim to counterfeiting, Hypertherm recommends customers only buy a product from approved and authorised distributors, and exercise caution when coming across abnormally low prices for ‘genuine’ consumables and software especially when purchasing online.

Source: steeltimesint.com