Korean Police confiscates fake Apple accessories worth $900,000

Korean Police

Apple’s Senior Regional Director for operations Donald Shruhan will visit the Bucheon Sosa Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi to present the plaque to the officers involved in the regional crackdown.

The criminals were distributing counterfeit Apple charging cables and earphones as per the reports of Korean Herald. The fake products are said to have been imported from China and the Police are still working to trace how the goods entered in Korea.

The detained distributors are under investigation due to the suspicions of trademark infringement. Shruhan is presently heading the anti-counterfeiting operations for Apple in China and had previously worked to crackdown on fake Viagra sales.

Duplicate items remain a problem for Apple and other vendors as customers are tricked in to buying counterfeit versions or are tempted by cheap copies that can be dangerous and cause harm to devices and human life.

Source: Appleinsider.com