Major share of milk produced in India is not fit for consumption

Mohan Singh Ahluwalia member of Animal Welfare Board has raised an alarm by saying that 68.7 % of the milk and milk products produced and sold in the country are not according to the standards of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and unfit for consumption. He was quoting a report by Ministry of Science and Technology in which it was mentioned that 89.2 per cent of such products are counterfeit. He further said that the common adulterants include detergent, white paint, glucose, caustic soda and refined oil. Counterfeit milk is a growing problem in India.

The production of milk up to March 2018 has been recorded at 14.8 crore litres per day whereas the consumption per capita per day stands at 480 grams. Ahluwalia also added that adulteration in Southern states is less compared to Northern states of India. He also said that due to lack of hygiene and sanitation in handling detergents used in washing containers often get mixed with the milk products.

Besides detergents, adulterants like urea, glucose, starch and formalin are also used to deliberately adulterate milk as they preserve and provide thickness to the milk. We often think that such milk is of optimum quality but the thing is quite different and may impact our health in the long run.

The Animal Welfare Member also said that consuming adulterated milk can cause irreversible damage to the human organs. The WHO organization has issued an advisory according to which if adulteration in milk is not checked properly then a large number of people could suffer from fatal diseases like cancer by the year 2025. In order to make Food Safety and Standards Act more effective a committee has been formed under Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely. The committee will investigate and submit feedback on the grim issue.