Man caught in Surat with fake goods worth Rs 7.61 lakh

A man who was in the business of selling fake detergents, masalas, shampoos, and soaps was arrested by police from Dindoli area of Surat.

The police seized different types of fake goods worth Rs 7.61 lakh from his godown.

Police said that they will request the court to remand him in their custody for maximum period to actually know how for long he has been into the business of selling fakes and also know about the source.

Dindoli police said that Pukhraj alias Prakash Kalal, 47, was involved in the sale of readymade soaps, detergents, etc. The products were cheap counterfeits of famous branded products that he used to sell to retailers.

The menace of fake products came in the light when Dharmesh Panwala, who had a shop in Chauta Bazaar found something wrong with more than 1,000 such 8gm packets supplied to him by Kalal. He registered a police complaint against Kalal on January 1. After the complaint, police raided Kalal’s godown and found items worth Rs 7,61,029 of different brands. Police also verified the genuineness of the product with different company officials and found out that the products were fake.

A police officer said that they had arrested the accused for cheating and under the copyright act. He also said that they also determine about the supply source and chain of supply.

According to ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers Association), the overall value of counterfeiting in India has reached to a large amount of 1 lakh crore annually.

Counterfeiting badly affects manufacturers, buyers, and government thus hampering the overall economic growth of the country.

Source: TOI