Man Prints Counterfeit Notes to Finance his Brother’s Release from Jail

To get his brother released from jail, an auto-rickshaw driver printed and circulated fake Indian currency notes.

Abid Mohammed Pathan was captured by Vadodara rural police near Kelanpur railroad station on Monday. At the point when police searched Pathan, they discovered 44 notes of Rs 500 division each. The police called Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) authorities on the spot, who affirmed that the notes are counterfeit. On addressing him about the origin of the notes, Pathan advised the police that he used to print the notes in a printer at his home.

Cops immediately went to his home at Kishannagar in Vadodara taluka where it was learnt that Pathan used to scan the original notes and print its shading duplicate. On looking through his home, the police discovered 77 notes of Rs 2,000 denomination, 1,652 notes of Rs 500 and 238 notes of Rs 100 denomination. A police official said that the aggregate face estimation of the phoney notes was over Rs 10 lakh.

Pathan used to scan the genuine notes and print them on A4 measure paper. On each paper he used to print four notes, the police said. Pathan used cello tape as security string.

Amid cross-examination, the police were told by Pathan that his sibling was captured a while back by Panigate police for printing counterfeit notes. “To discharge his sibling from imprisoning, he began printing the notes around a half year back and began trading them in the market just a month ago,” said SA Karmur, police auditor, extraordinary tasks gathering of Vadodara country police.

He had learnt to print counterfeit notes from his sibling, Pathan admitted to the police. An FIR was enlisted against him at Varnama police headquarters for forging, having and utilizing counterfeit cash notes and having instruments for duplicating money notes.