Now anti-counterfeiting labels on Google’s product boxes

Google product boxes

There is a piece of good news for people buying Google product boxes. New product boxes of the company would come with a reflective anti-counterfeiting sticker. This will ensure the genuineness of an original Google product. There has been a rise in the counterfeiting of electronics and communication devices. Due to the same consumers suffer a lot and lose their money and trust in different brands.

Different support pages related to reporting fake on the internet were added back in July which created an awareness about the issue. In 2018 it would be much easier to identify a counterfeit item. A genuine Google product will have a reflective ‘G’ sticker somewhere on the box. It will look as silver when you will see it straight upfront whereas it will change colour when seen from a different angle. The sticker cannot be peeled off easily and it would hint towards something illicit if you see marks on the corner.

Google has said that all the products launched in 2018 will have a label. So, if you are concerned about the genuineness of Google product then you have a breath of sigh as you can check the reflecting label affixed to the product’s box.