Parle rolls on campaigns to fight counterfeiting

Parle Product

The giant in biscuits and confectionary – Parle is all set to give it back to the counterfeiters by launching awareness campaigns of its products. They have launched an integrated brand campaign to strengthen brand recognition for sub-brands in the confectionary space. The campaigns are also intended to inform the consumers that these sub-brands are the products of Parle.

The integrated campaigns have been launched for product clusters with similar branding issues. Counterfeiting was the main problem Parle was encountering especially of popular brands like Mango Bite, Kaccha Mango and Melody.

These brands have been prone to counterfeiting. So much so, that the counterfeits are selling five times that of the originals.

Krishna Rao, Category Head, Parle products

The Phase 1 of the campaign (as they call it) was launched around IPL 2017 with the main objective to connect the individual strong brands to the corporate/mother brand Parle while Phase 2 focused on individual brands and customised solutions for each of them.

Talking about the problem of counterfeiting, Rao further added that candy-making is easy and therefore, a lot of rip-offs of their popular candies have been circulating the market. There are products like Kaccha Kairi, Parag Mango Bit, Pearl Mango Bit and sometimes Mango Bite. The main intention to come out with this campaign is that people are consuming products that may not have followed the best practices for candy manufacturing. The phase 1 has received extremely positive response. Parle had set aside almost Rs 100 crore for the two campaigns.

The initiative taken by Parle is worth an applause and not every company fights back against counterfeiting to that extent. But also 100 crores are by no means a small figure.

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