Police investigation in Ohio related to counterfeit bills leads to five arrests

The Police department in Ohio led to an investigation that resulted in five people being charged for a duplication operation. The case began in October when local businessman complained of getting bogus bills.

According to a police official Andrea Litchfield, “We are witnessing all kinds of counterfeit bills ones, fives, 10s, 20s, 50s and even 100s.”

The police official further said bills are coming from cash related transactions such as Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up. The people are witnessing the presence of counterfeit money at gas stations, local businesses. Similar incidents of phony bills have been reported from Upper Arlington.

Out of the five people four have been caught while one is absconding.

Police say local businesses and people using popular websites to sell items were being paid with bogus cash. Police say they found an extravagant counterfeiting operation within a month. They worked with other agencies including seven counties from Ohio and Indiana.

Source: nbc4i.com