Police nab forgers selling fake Titan watches in Noida’s Atta Market

Recently Noida Police arrested two people in Sector 27-Atta Market for allegedly selling fake wristwatches of the popular brand Titan. The two people have been identified as Asif Sarkar, a resident of Sector 31 Noida and Gaurav Kumar, a resident of Paharganj, Delhi. The officials told that the complaint was made by Protect IP Solution LLP which is authorised by Titan to find and report its duplicate products.

Tikeshwar Nath an investigating officer from the agency said that they found the fake watches during a survey and later contacted the police and went to the NS Body Piercing Shop where Asif was selling counterfeit watches.

He further said that they also went to Seigal Mart where they found the second con man and recovered 33 watches. When the watches were compared with the original products it was found that the finishing, logos and bar codes on the seized watches were different from the authentic ones.

The alleged were booked under Section 63 of the Copyright Act. Police officials told that counterfeit watches were being sold as low as Rs 200, while the genuine products are priced above Rs 1500. Rajeev Chauhan, SHO said the offenders had purchased counterfeit watches from a local dealer. They were produced before the magistrate and sent later to jail.

Source: Hindustan Times