Police raids a firm in Bengaluru selling counterfeit Britannia biscuits

Recently Bengaluru police conducted raids on a firm in Bengaluru which was manufacturing counterfeit Britannia biscuits with identical logos, design and colour schemes. The action was taken after a complaint filed by a corporate intelligence firm representing Britannia.

A police official from the Yelahanka Police Station said that they conducted raids on Rinkesh Enterprises on BB Road and found that the company was making biscuits with a wrapper having a logo similar to Britannia. The colour, design and shape were the same except that biscuits were called ‘Marie Delite’.

Britannia is a leading Indian food product’s company which manufactures several biscuits like Good Day, Milk Bikis, Tiger and Marie Gold. The police also confirmed that the biscuits confiscated in the godown looked similar to Marie Gold.

The godown is located close to Apurva Hospital in Yelahanka. In its complaint, the corporate intelligence firm representing Britannia mentioned that the visual similarity in the design and shape of the logo has helped the offender sell fake biscuits in the market.

The counterfeit biscuits were being sold to shops at railway stations, bus stands and in many towns around Bengaluru. A team from Britannia spotted the fake products and reported the incident to the company officials.

The police traced the company manufacturing fake biscuits as Rinkesh enterprises, a firm based in Hyderabad. A police official said that they had the required information that the counterfeit biscuits were being sold in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

The police also discovered that contents of the fake packets were actual biscuits and maintained that it was a copyright issue.

Source: thenewsminute.com