RBI to Introduce New Rs.10 Notes in Chocolate Brown Colour

rs 10 issued

After rejecting the course of high-value cash notes on November 8, 2016, and to control the circulation of black-money and battle forging, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be issuing new Rs 10 denomination notes under the Mahatma Gandhi series.

Having said that, every other banknote in the division of Rs 10 issued by RBI prior will continue to be legitimate.

According to the photo discharged by the RBI, the new Rs 10 notes will be in chocolate brown colour. The new note will have the same height as that of the current one at 63mm. The width, notwithstanding, will be lesser at 123mm as against the present note (137 mm).

The denominational numeral 10 is composed in Devanagari content on the front with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre (the prior note had Gandhi on the right). The switch side of the note will convey a theme of Konark Sun Temple rather than the rhinoceros, tiger and elephant. The new Rs 10 note will be that as it may, keep on carrying the windowed demetallized security string with engravings ‘Bharat’.

The new note will likewise have the year of imprinting on the left alongside the Swacch Bharat logo with trademark, like the new cash notes.

PTI, prior in March, had detailed that legislature was intending to issue Rs 10 division notes with extra security highlights. It included that the new bill will bear inset letter ‘L’ on both number boards, bearing the mark of current RBI Governor Urjit Patel. The time of printing will be on the reverse side of the note.

Among different highlights are numerals on both the boards in climbing size from left to right, with the initial three alpha-numeric characters (prefix) being consistent in size. A notice issued by the national bank at that point stated, “All the banknotes in the group of Rs 10 issued by the Bank in the past will keep on being legal tender.” Rs 10 banknote was last re-designed in 2005.

The intention behind the reintroduction of Rs 10 notes in a new plan is to check falsifying and advance the cashless economy.

Following demonetisation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 bank notes, the government replaced Rs 2000 and re-designed Rs 500 notes. RBI under the Mahatma Gandhi series in August additionally presented another Rs 200 and Rs 50 bills.